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It’s Tea Time

Zusammenfassung des “Peacock Chit-Chat” Podcast vom 22.10.2020 auf Instagram. Die Show mit den English Experts Marietta V. Donovan und Sinead Gallagher (Peacock School of English) ist eine unterhaltsame Talk Show für Englischlernende & Anglophile. In dieser Sendung geht es um sprachliches und kulturelles rund um den “Tee”.

Summary of the “Peacock Chit-Chat” podcast on Instagram, 22nd October 2020. This broadcast with English Experts Marietta V. Donovan & Sinead Gallgher (Peacock School of English) is an entertaining talk show for English learners & Anglophiles. In this show we focus on “tea” culture and language.

The quiz question put to our audiences:

“Would you know where the first tea bag was invented? In the USA, UK or China?

The correct answer you will find at the end of this summary.

A Glossary of words/phrases associated with “tea”:

to brew tea (or coffee) : to add the hot water to the tea & allow the flavour to develop (Tee/Kaffee kochen)

kettle (Wasserkocher)

tea pot (Teekanne)

tea addict (passionierter Teetrinker)

tea & sympathy (Trost & Rat)

tea bag (Teebeutel)

tea biscuits (Teegebäck)

tea break (in Deutschland: Kaffeepause)

tea caddy (Teedose / Teebüchse)

tea cloth (Geschirrtuch)

tea cosy (Teehaube/Teewärmer)

cuppa (The OED – Oxford English Dictionary – says the term is used colloquially (umgangssprachlich) to mean a cup o‘ tea. First time used in Ngaio Marsh’s crime novel A Man Lay Dead (1934): “Taking a strong cuppa at six-thirty . . .”

Interesting Facts:

1) Tea has become worldwide the second most consumed drink after water!

2) White tea, like black and green tea, is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. White tea is sourced from the first bud of the tea plant, while green tea is obtained from the next two leaves.

3) The term black tea refers to fermented teas. Green teas are non-fermented teas.

4) The world’s largest tea bag was created in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on September 20, 2014. It weighed over 252 kg.

5) The world’s largest cup of tea  was slightly over 4002 litres. It was produced in Sri Lanka.                          

6) The world’s largest knitted tea cosy was presented by the residents of Ashley Park Nursing Home in Guilford. They hold the world’s record for largest knitted tea cosy.  Consisting of 1924 squares and standing almost 13 feet high and over 36 feet in circumference, the record was gained in April 2009.            

7) The world’s largest teapot measures over 13 feet tall by 8.5 feet wide and weighs almost 1800 kg. It was produced by Sultan Tea set in the town of Meknes (Morocco).

8) The world’s oldest tea leaves  were found in the tomb of an Emperor in China, the birthplace of tea. It is home to tea leaves that are 2,100 years old. Scientific tests dated the tea leaves.

9) The world’s largest tea tasting took place on November 16, 2014, in Fujian, China. 1,105 people participated in a tea tasting.

10) The largest tea party with 32,681 participants was achieved by Dainik Bhaskar at Nehru Stadium, in Indore, India, on 24 February 2008. The official brew for the event was Brooke Bond Red Label and the event was supported by Tea Board of India.


Tea was originally consumed for its medicinal properties. Used as a herbal medicine the Chinese added the leaves to their food to provide nutrients or as an antidote for poison. Farmers began growing tea in the Szechwan district. 

During the Tang Dynasty 618 – 907 A.D tea drinking evolved into an art form. 

Tea became a pleasurable beverage drunk during formal tea gatherings.

The Tang Dynasty represented an era of refinement and sophistication to tea and tea drinking in China. The emphasis was on art, culture, and surrounding oneself with the most luxurious furnishings, textiles, and decor.

A strict code of tea etiquette was designed and to ensure that rare, expensive teas were properly prepared. A new profession was created called a Tea Master.  The Tea Master’s job was to execute the preparation and serving of tea with style and proper social etiquette.  

Tea drinking in „Alice in Wonderland”:

The culture around tea drinking can be found in many literary works. The most famous tea scene in a book is most probably the Mad Hatter’s tea party in “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carrol. In Chapter VII, Alice approaches a large table set under the tree outside the March Hare’s house and comes across the Mad Hatter and the March Hare taking tea. They rest their elbows on a sleeping Dormouse who sits between them. They tell Alice that there is no room for her at the table, but Alice sits anyway:

“Take some more tea,” the March Hare (Feldhase) said to Alice, very earnestly. “I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.” 

“You mean you can’t take less,” said the Hatter: “it’s very easy to take more than nothing.”

Some popular Tea Songs

Tea for two – (Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald & Doris Day) . . . corny (schmalzig)  lyrics, but lovely melody!!

Pennyroyal tea – Nirvana

Time for tea – Madness

Afternoon Tea – The Kinks

Quiz Answer:

Teabags first appeared commercially in the US, in the early 20th century. A gentleman named Thomas Sullivan, who was a tea merchant, successfully marketed the teabags. 


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